Blind Threaded Inserts

Threaded inserts can be categorised are being blind or thru, although blind inserts are sometimes called closed and thru inserts as open or sighted.

Blind threaded inserts are used in many applications where the the closed end is a feature of the finished product or assists in the moulding process .

Here are some of the blind threaded inserts that we have in stock. If we do not have the blind threaded insert that you need, please contact us so that we can manufacture it for you.

Blind threaded inserts

Blind Threaded Inserts

BW24602BA x 10mm Torq blind7Hexagon2BATorqBrass
BW49262BA x 11mm Unigrip blind118Round2BAUnigripBrass
BW40142BA x 12.7mm Unigrip blind12.77.14Round2BAUnigripBrass
BW24434BA x 6.35mm Torq blind6.355Hexagon4BATorqBrass
BW22856BA x 5.5mm Unigrip blind4Round4BAUnigripBrass
BW51004BA x 6.45mm Unigrip blind6.455Round4BAUnigripBrass
BW10334BA x 8.6mm Unigrip blind8.65.56Round4BAUnigripBrass
BW49254BA x 11mm Unigrip blind118Round4BAUnigripBrass
BW13398BA x 9.52mm Unigrip blind9.526.35Round8BAUnigripBrass
BW50634-40 UNC x 7mm Unigrip blind 30376Round4-40 UNCUnigripStainless Steel
BW23958-32 UNC x 25mm SuperTorq blind328Hexagon8-32 UNCSuperTorqBrass
BW352310-24 UNC x 11.1mm SuperTorq blind11.18Hexagon10-24 UNCSuperTorqBrass
BW30101/4"-20 UNC x 9.5mm Torq blind9.58Hexagon1/4"-20 UNCTorqBrass
BW30111/4"-20 UNC x 15mm Torq blind158Hexagon1/4"-20 UNCTorqBrass
BW30131/4"-20 UNC x 9.5mm SuperTorq blind9.510Hexagon1/4"-20 UNCSuperTorqBrass
BW30141/4"-20 UNC x 15mm SuperTorq blind1510Hexagon1/4"-20 UNCSuperTorqBrass
BW30151/4"-20 UNC x 19mm SuperTorq blind1910Hexagon1/4"-20 UNCSuperTorqBrass
BW30161/4"-20 UNC x 9.5mm SuperTorq Lite blind9.58Square1/4"-20 UNCSuperTorq LiteBrass
BW30171/4"-20 UNC x 15mm SuperTorq Lite blind158Square1/4"-20 UNCSuperTorq LiteBrass
BW30181/4"-20 UNC x 19mm SuperTorq Lite blind198Square1/4"-20 UNCSuperTorq LiteBrass
BW30205/16"-18 UNC x 15.9mm Torq blind15.910Hexagon5/16"-18 UNCTorqBrass
BW30215/16"-18 UNC x 19mm Torq blind1910Hexagon5/16"-18 UNCTorqBrass
BW30235/16"-18 UNC x 15.9mm SuperTorq blind15.912Hexagon5/16"-18 UNCSuperTorqBrass
BW30245/16"-18 UNC x 19mm SuperTorq blind1912Hexagon5/16"-18 UNCSuperTorqBrass
BW30255/16"-18 UNC x 25.4mm SuperTorq blind25.412Hexagon5/16"-18 UNCSuperTorqBrass
BW30275/16"-18 UNC x 19mm SuperTorq Lite blind1910Square5/16"-18 UNCSuperTorq LiteBrass
BW30323/8"-16 UNC x 25.4mm Torq blind25.412Hexagon3/8"-16 UNCTorqBrass
BW30363/8"-16 UNC x 15.9mm SuperTorq Lite blind15.912Square3/8"-16 UNCSuperTorq LiteBrass
BW30373/8"-16 UNC x 19mm SuperTorq Lite blind1912.7Square3/8"-16 UNCSuperTorq LiteBrass
BW45083/8"-16 UNC x 25.5mm Unigrip blind25.512.7Round3/8"-16 UNCUnigripBrass
BW30411/2"-13 UNC x 19mm Torq blind1914.29Hexagon1/2"-13 UNCTorqBrass
BW30421/2"-13 UNC x 25.4mm Torq blind25.414.29Hexagon1/2"-13 UNCTorqBrass
BW300610-32 UNF x 9.5mm Torq blind9.56Hexagon10-32 UNFTorqBrass
BW300710-32 UNF x 9.5mm SuperTorq blind9.57.94Hexagon10-32 UNFSuperTorqBrass
BW300510-32 UNF x 11.1mm Unigrip blind11.16.35Round10-32 UNFUnigripBrass
BW14263/8"-24 UNF x 25.4mm SuperTorq blind YZP25.414.29Hexagon3/8"-24 UNFSuperTorqMild Steel
BW2028M2 x 5.6mm Unigrip blind5.63.17RoundM2UnigripBrass
BW2029M2.5 x 6.5mm Unigrip blind6.54RoundM2.5UnigripBrass
BW2001M3 x 6mm Torq blind64HexagonM3TorqBrass
BW1464M3 x 8.5mm Torq blind8.54HexagonM3TorqBrass
BW1646M3 x 6mm SuperTorq blind66HexagonM3SuperTorqBrass
BW1142M3 x 8.25mm SuperTorq blind FMA8.256.35HexagonM3SuperTorqAluminium
BW2030M3 x 7.4mm Unigrip blind7.44.76RoundM3UnigripBrass
BW2589M3 x 10mm Unigrip blind104.76RoundM3UnigripBrass
BW4996M3 x 8mm SuperTorq oversize blind88HexagonM3SuperTorq oversizeBrass
BW2301M3 x 20mm SuperTorq oversize blind2010HexagonM3SuperTorq oversizeBrass
BW4918M3 x 7.3mm knurled blind 3036RoundM3Custom mold inStainless Steel
BW1775M3 x 8mm Dumbbell blind86HexagonM3Custom mold inBrass
BW4365M3 x 7.3mm reverse headed knurled blind7.35.56RoundM3Push and Heat fitBrass
BW2000M3.5 x 6mm Torq blind65HexagonM3.5TorqBrass
BW2031M3.5 x 9.3mm Unigrip blind9.34.76RoundM3.5UnigripBrass
BW2742M3.5 x 10mm SuperTorq oversize blind8HexagonM3.5SuperTorq oversizeBrass
BW1747M4 x 5mm Torq blind56HexagonM4TorqBrass
BW4540M4 x 6.1mm Torq blind6.15.5HexagonM4TorqBrass
BW1466M4 x 8.5mm Torq blind8.56HexagonM4TorqBrass
BW1596M4 x 9mm Torq blind 30395.5HexagonM4TorqStainless Steel
BW4657M4 x 16mm Torq blind 303166HexagonM4TorqStainless Steel
BW4622M4 x 20mm Torq blind206HexagonM4TorqBrass
BW1138M4 x 8.5mm SuperTorq blind8.57HexagonM4SuperTorqBrass
BW1825M4 x 10mm SuperTorq blind108HexagonM4SuperTorqBrass
BW4417M4 x 10mm SuperTorq blind 303108HexagonM4SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4298M4 x 10mm SuperTorq blind BZP107HexagonM4SuperTorqMild Steel
BW2259M4 x 12mm SuperTorq blind127HexagonM4SuperTorqBrass
BW1795M4 x 8.5mm SuperTorq Lite blind8.56.35SquareM4SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1982M4 x 10mm SuperTorq Lite blind106.35SquareM4SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW4106M4 x 16mm SuperTorq Lite blind166SquareM4SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1636M4 x 10.1mm Unigrip counterbore blind10.25.56RoundM4UnigripBrass
BW1416M4 x 11mm Unigrip counterbore blind115.5RoundM4UnigripBrass
BW4580M4 x 10mm SuperTorq Lite oversize blind1010SquareM4SuperTorq oversizeBrass
BW4356M4 x 19mm SuperTorq Lite oversize blind1910SquareM4SuperTorq Lite oversizeBrass
BW2957M4 x 6.5mm Dumbbell blind8HexagonM4Custom mold inBrass
BW1117M4 x 10mm Dumbbell blind108HexagonM4Custom mold inBrass
BW1186M4 x 20mm Push fit blind FMA208RoundM4Push and Heat fitAluminium
BW2198M5 x 6mm Torq blind67HexagonM5TorqBrass
BW4416M5 x 8.5mm Torq blind8.57HexagonM5TorqBrass
BW1855M5 x 10mm Torq blind107HexagonM5TorqBrass
BW5058M5 x 18mm Fishtail Torq blind187HexagonM5TorqBrass
BW1622M5 x 10mm SuperTorq blind108HexagonM5SuperTorqBrass
BW4616M5 x 10mm SuperTorq blind 303108HexagonM5SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4267M5 x 10mm SuperTorq blind BZP108HexagonM5SuperTorqMild Steel
BW4208M5 x 12mm SuperTorq blind 303128HexagonM5SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4207M5 x 15mm SuperTorq blind158HexagonM5SuperTorqBrass
BW4617M5 x 15mm SuperTorq blind 303158HexagonM5SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW5053M5 x 19mm SuperTorq blind 303198HexagonM5SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW2698M5 x 19mm SuperTorq blind198HexagonM5SuperTorqBrass
BW4739M5 x 22.2mm SuperTorq blind22.228HexagonM5SuperTorqBrass
BW2208M5 x 6mm SuperTorq Lite blind68SquareM5SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1796M5 x 10mm SuperTorq Lite blind107SquareM5SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW2009M5 x 15mm SuperTorq Lite blind158SquareM5SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW2894M5 x 17mm SuperTorq Lite blind178SquareM5SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1635M5 x 11.2mm Unigrip counterbore blind11.26.35RoundM5UnigripBrass
BW4511M5 x 12mm SuperTorq oversize blind BZP1210HexagonM5SuperTorq oversizeMild Steel
BW2710M5 x 16mm SuperTorq oversize blind1612HexagonM5SuperTorq oversizeBrass
BW4575M5 x 12.25mm SuperTorq Lite oversize blind10SquareM5SuperTorq Lite oversizeBrass
BW4228M5 x 10mm SuperToq Lite oversize blind1010SquareM5SuperTorq Lite oversizeBrass
BW4950M5 x 10mm SuperTorq blind dia end108HexagonM5Custom mold inBrass
BW4509M5 x 12mm SeptaTorq blind1219RoundM5Custom mold inBrass
BW1856M5 x 12.1mm spiral knurl counterbore blind12.17.14RoundM5Custom mold inBrass
BW1289M5 x 13mm Dumbbell blind138HexagonM5Custom mold inBrass
BW1818M5 x 14mm Dumbbell blind149HexagonM5Custom mold inBrass
BW4681M5 x 14mm custom mould in blind V groove1416HexagonM5Custom mold inBrass
BW1880M5 x 14mm Custom mold in blind148.73HexagonM5Custom mold inBrass
BW4261M5 x 15mm SuperTorq cone end blind158HexagonM5Custom mold inBrass
BW2688M6 x 9.5mm Torq blind9.58HexagonM6TorqBrass
BW2002M6 x 10mm Torq blind108HexagonM6TorqBrass
BW4497M6 x 13mm Torq blind single groove 303139HexagonM6TorqStainless Steel
BW4081M6 x 15mm Torq blind 303158HexagonM6TorqStainless Steel
BW1472M6 x 15mm Torq blind158HexagonM6TorqBrass
BW1161M6 x 19mm Torq blind198HexagonM6TorqBrass
BW4030M6 x 6mm SuperTorq blind610HexagonM6SuperTorqBrass
BW1202M6 x 10mm SuperTorq blind1010HexagonM6SuperTorqBrass
BW4577M6 x 10mm SuperTorq blind 3031010HexagonM6SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4598M6 x 15mm SuperTorq blind 3031510HexagonM6SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4944M6 x 15mm SuperTorq blind 3161510HexagonM6SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW1504M6 x 15mm SuperTorq blind1510HexagonM6SuperTorqBrass
BW4599M6 x 19mm SuperTorq blind 3031910HexagonM6SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW1367M6 x 19mm SuperTorq blind1910HexagonM6SuperTorqBrass
BW2518M6 x 25mm SuperTorq blind2510HexagonM6SuperTorqBrass
BW2768M6 x 10mm SuperTorq Lite blind 303108SquareM6SuperTorq LiteStainless Steel
BW2025M6 x 10mm SuperTorq Lite blind108SquareM6SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW4090M6 x 12mm SuperTorq Lite blind 303128SquareM6SuperTorq LiteStainless Steel
BW1721M6 x 15mm SuperTorq Lite blind158SquareM6SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW2370M6 x 15mm SuperTorq Lite blind 303158SquareM6SuperTorq LiteStainless Steel
BW1110M6 x 19mm SuperTorq Lite blind198SquareM6SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW4253M6 x 10mm Unigrip blind107.94RoundM6UnigripBrass
BW1911M6 x 12.7mm Unigrip blind12.77.94RoundM6UnigripBrass
BW1372M6 x 14mm Unigrip counterbore blind149.53RoundM6UnigripBrass
BW1986M6 x 16mm Unigrip blind1612RoundM6UnigripAluminium
BW4576M6 x 13mm SuperTorq oversize blind12HexagonM6SuperTorq oversizeBrass
BW4905M6 x 17mm SuperTorq blind 14mm oversize 3031714HexagonM6SuperTorq oversizeStainless Steel
BW4922M6 x 17mm SuperTorq blind 12mm oversize 3031712HexagonM6SuperTorq oversizeStainless Steel
BW4465M6 x 12.2mm SeptaTorq blind1219RoundM6Custom mold inBrass
BW4398M6 x 13mm SuperTorq custom blind12.59HexagonM6Custom mold inBrass
BW4434M6 x 12.7mm Unigrip custom blind12.712RoundM6Custom mold inBrass
BW4639M6 x 14mm SuperTorq double blind 3031410HexagonM6Custom mold inStainless Steel
BW4682M6 x 16mm custom mould in blind1616HexagonM6Custom mold inBrass
BW4359M6 x 17mm Custom mold in blind 3031714HexagonM6Custom mold inStainless Steel
BW2777M6 x 12.7mm straight knurled blind12.77.94RoundM6Push and Heat fitBrass
BW1802M8 x 16mm Torq blind1610HexagonM8TorqBrass
BW1057M8 x 19mm Torq blind1910HexagonM8TorqBrass
BW2356M8 x 25mm Torq blind2510HexagonM8TorqBrass
BW4317M8 x 17mm o/l SuperTorq blind BZP12HexagonM8SuperTorqMild Steel
BW2608M8 x 12mm SuperTorq blind12HexagonM8SuperTorqBrass
BW4011M8 x 10mm SuperTorq blind1012HexagonM8SuperTorqBrass
BW4592M8 x 11.4mm SuperTorq blind 30311.412HexagonM8SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4318M8 x 14mm SuperTorq blind BZP1412HexagonM8SuperTorqMild Steel
BW2260M8 x 15mm SuperTorq blind1512HexagonM8SuperTorqBrass
BW1452M8 x 16mm SuperTorq blind1612HexagonM8SuperTorqBrass
BW2783M8 x 16mm SuperTorq blind 3031612HexagonM8SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW2865M8 x 19mm SuperTorq blind 3031912HexagonM8SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW1356M8 x 19mm SuperTorq blind1912HexagonM8SuperTorqBrass
BW2396M8 x 25mm SuperTorq blind2512HexagonM8SuperTorqBrass
BW2911M8 x 13.5mm SuperTorqLite blind10SquareM8SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1797M8 x 16mm SuperTorq Lite blind1610SquareM8SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1720M8 x 19mm SuperTorq Lite blind1910SquareM8SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1109M8 x 25mm SuperTorq Lite blind2510SquareM8SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW2220M8 x 16.6mm Unigrip blind counterbore no groove11.11RoundM8UnigripBrass
BW1214M8 x 16.5mm Unigrip counterbore blind16.511.11RoundM8UnigripBrass
BW1192M8 x 25mm Unigrip blind FMA2515.88RoundM8UnigripAluminium
BW4324M8 x 13mm SuperTorq Oversize blind BZP17HexagonM8SuperTorq oversizeMild Steel
BW4273M8 x 22mm SuperTorq oversize blind16HexagonM8SuperTorq oversizeBrass
BW4512M8 x 15mm SuperTorq oversize blind BZP1517.46HexagonM8SuperTorq oversizeMild Steel
BW4892M8 x 17mm SuperTorq oversize blind 3031719.05HexagonM8SuperTorq oversizeStainless Steel
BW4863M8 x 20mm SuperTorq oversize blind 3162012.7HexagonM8SuperTorq oversizeStainless Steel
BW2765M8 x 19mm SuperTorq Lite oversize blind1911.11SquareM8SuperTorq Lite oversizeBrass
BW2206M8 x 27mm SuperTorq Lite oversize blind2711.11SquareM8SuperTorq Lite oversizeBrass
BW1946M8 x 10mm Dumbbell blind1013HexagonM8Custom mold inBrass
BW4391M8 x 18mm SeptaTorq blind17.819RoundM8Custom mold inBrass
BW4334M8 x 20mm Top hat blind FMA2018.03HexagonM8Custom mold inAluminium
BW1803M10 x 16mm Torq blind1612HexagonM10TorqBrass
BW1074M10 x 19mm Torq blind1912HexagonM10TorqBrass
BW2743M10 x 19mm Torq blind 3031912HexagonM10TorqStainless Steel
BW1102M10 x 25mm Torq blind2512HexagonM10TorqBrass
BW1355M10 x 16mm SuperTorq blind1614HexagonM10SuperTorqBrass
BW2866M10 x 19mm SuperTorq blind 3031914HexagonM10SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW1623M10 x 19mm SuperTorq blind1914HexagonM10SuperTorqBrass
BW1137M10 x 25mm SuperTorq blind2514HexagonM10SuperTorqBrass
BW1468M10 x 32mm SuperTorq blind3214HexagonM10SuperTorqBrass
BW2369M10 x 15mm SuperTorq Lite blind 3031512SquareM10SuperTorq LiteStainless Steel
BW1798M10 x 16mm SuperTorq Lite blind1612.7SquareM10SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1799M10 x 19mm SuperTorq Lite blind1912.7SquareM10SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1108M10 x 25mm SuperTorq Lite blind2512.7SquareM10SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1595M10 x 18mm Unigrip blind1813.49RoundM10UnigripBrass
BW2567M10 x 14mm SuperTorq oversize blind1417.46HexagonM10SuperTorq oversizeBrass
BW2643M10 x 19mm SuperTorq oversize blind1917.46HexagonM10SuperTorq oversizeBrass
BW4864M10 x 20mm SuperTorq oversize blind 3162017.46HexagonM10SuperTorq oversizeStainless Steel
BW4137M10 x 16mm SuperTorq Lite oversize blind1619.05SquareM10SuperTorq Lite oversizeBrass
BW4516M10 x 30mm SuperToq Lite oversize blind3019.05SquareM10SuperTorq Lite oversizeBrass
BW4652M10 x 19mm SeptaTorq blind1819RoundM10Custom mold inBrass
BW4935M10 x 30mm Custom Torq Blind3012HexagonM10Custom mold inBrass
BW1804M12 x 16mm Torq blind1614HexagonM12TorqBrass
BW4976M12 x 19mm Torq blind 3031914HexagonM12TorqStainless Steel
BW1805M12 x 19mm Torq blind1914HexagonM12TorqBrass
BW1779M12 x 25mm Torq blind2514HexagonM12TorqBrass
BW1467M12 x 32mm Torq blind3214HexagonM12TorqBrass
BW1363M12 x 16mm SuperTorq blind1616HexagonM12SuperTorqBrass
BW1365M12 x 19mm SuperTorq blind1916HexagonM12SuperTorqBrass
BW1136M12 x 25mm SuperTorq blind2516HexagonM12SuperTorqBrass
BW1290M12 x 32 SuperTorq blind3216HexagonM12SuperTorqBrass
BW1800M12 x 16mm SuperTorq Lite blind1614SquareM12SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1801M12 x 19mm SuperTorq Lite blind1914SquareM12SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1107M12 x 25mm SuperTorq Lite blind2514SquareM12SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1996M14 x 19mm SuperTorq blind1918HexagonM14SuperTorqBrass
BW1994M14 x 19mm SuperTorq Lite blind1916SquareM14SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1701M16 x 25mm Torq blind2518HexagonM16TorqBrass
BW1134M16 x 25mm SuperTorq blind2520HexagonM16SuperTorqBrass
BW2416M16 x 25mm SuperTorq Lite blind2518SquareM16SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1103M16 x 24mm Unigrip blind2419.05RoundM16UnigripBrass
BW4581M13x1p x 15mm Torq blind1515.24HexagonM13 x 1 pitchTorqBrass
BW4641M30x2p x 27mm SuperTorq2738.1HexagonM30 x 2 pitchSuperTorqAluminium
BW45213/16" BSW x 13mm Unigrip blind138Round3/16" BSWUnigripBrass
BW24611/4" BSW x 15mm SuperTorq blind1510Hexagon1/4" BSWSuperTorqBrass
BW46241/4" BSF x 12.7mm Unigrip counterbore blind12.79.53Round1/4" BSFUnigripBrass
BW41713/8" BSW x 18mm Unigrip blind1812.7Round3/8" BSWUnigripBrass
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