BW2208 M5 x 6mm SuperTorq Lite blind

Square Brass Threaded Insert
Thread sizeM5
RangeSuperTorq Lite
Overall insert length6mm
Measurement across flats8mm
Approx weight each2.3 grams
Standard box quantity *3000
Box weight6.8kg
  * (std box qty for information, there is no minimum order quantity)
   Stock items and sizes are subject to change without notice

BW2208 M5 x 6mm SuperTorq Lite blind

Anchorís SuperTorqLite range are the original square grooved metal inserts for moulding in softer materials. Of the Anchor Inserts standard range they give the greatest degree of torque resistance combined with excellent pull-out resistance.

Characterized by deep grooves and a sqr section typically 2mm larger than the thread size, this light-weight insert has been designed to combine maximum torque resistance with uniform heat gain.

SuperTorqLite blind inserts with a thread size M6 and above feature an internal recess at the bottom of the thread giving an unbeatable depth of thread relative to the overall length.

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