BW3701 1/8" NPS x 20.3mm PipeTorq

Hexagon Brass Threaded Insert
Thread size1/8" NPS
Overall insert length20.3mm
Measurement across flats15.9mm (5/8")
Approx weight each
Standard box quantity *
Box weight
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BW3701 1/8" NPS x 20.3mm PipeTorq

Anchorís PipeTorq inserts range of hexagonal grooved metal inserts tapped through with BSP, G, NPT, and NPS pipe threads. PipeTorq inserts are specified with generous hex sizes and deep grooves to cope with high torque levels during assembly and use.

PipeTorq brass threaded inserts are idealy suited to moulded diesel and water tanks.

It is worth noting the British Standard Pipe (BSP) thread is identified as the Gas (G) thread in much of Europe.

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