PipeTorq brass and stainless steel threaded inserts

Anchorís PipeTorq inserts range of hexagonal grooved metal inserts tapped through with BSP, G, NPT, and NPS pipe threads. PipeTorq inserts are specified with generous hex sizes and deep grooves to cope with high torque levels during assembly and use.

PipeTorq brass threaded inserts are idealy suited to moulded diesel and water tanks.

It is worth noting the British Standard Pipe (BSP) thread is identified as the Gas (G) thread in much of Europe.

Pipetorqs are available as standard in brass with an extended range including stainless steel variants, non standard lengths, and oversize inserts for more demanding applications.

Contact us if you can't find the insert you are looking for. We have many sizes not listed here and with in house manufacturing offer fast turnaround on custom designs.

Brass threaded pipethread hexagon insert

BSP (G) PipeTorq standard range

BW42781/8" BSP x 6mm PipeTorq 303615.88Hexagon1/8" BSP/GPipeTorqStainless Steel
BW40251/8" BSP x 10mm PipeTorq 3031015.88Hexagon1/8" BSP/GPipeTorqStainless Steel
BW46211/8" BSP x 12mm PipeTorq1216Hexagon1/8" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW19871/8" BSP x 20.3mm PipeTorq20.315.88Hexagon1/8" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW42801/4" BSP x 6mm PipeTorq 303617.46Hexagon1/4" BSP/GPipeTorqStainless Steel
BW16961/4" BSP x 9mm PipeTorq 303915.88Hexagon1/4" BSP/GPipeTorqStainless Steel
BW21021/4" BSP x 11.8mm PipeTorq1217.46Hexagon1/4" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW42761/4" BSP x 16mm PipeTorq1617.46Hexagon1/4" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW17921/4" BSP x 20.3mm PipeTorq20.317.46Hexagon1/4" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW43773/8" BSP x 6mm PipeTorq 303622.23Hexagon3/8" BSP/GPipeTorqStainless Steel
BW49313/8" BSP x 10mm PipeTorq Custom1022.23Hexagon3/8" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW19883/8" BSP x 20.3mm PipeTorq20.322.23Hexagon3/8" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW45143/8" BSP x 32.1mm PipeTorq oversize No Center32.127Hexagon3/8" BSP/GPipeTorq oversizeBrass
BW42431/2" BSP x 7mm PipeTorq725.4Hexagon1/2" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW44181/2" BSP x 8mm PipeTorq Custom825.4Hexagon1/2" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW41531/2" BSP x 12mm PipeTorq1225.4Hexagon1/2" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW27001/2" BSP x 15mm PipeTorq1525.4Hexagon1/2" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW25441/2" BSP x 20.3mm PipeTorq20.325.4Hexagon1/2" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW44281/2" BSP x 28mm PipeTorq 3032825.4Hexagon1/2" BSP/GPipeTorqStainless Steel
BW17931/2" BSP x 28.6mm PipeTorq28.625.4Hexagon1/2" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW29381/2" BSP x 11mm PipeTorq oversize1130Hexagon1/2" BSP/GPipeTorq oversizeBrass
BW21101/2" BSP x 19.8mm PipeTorq oversize 30319.828Hexagon1/2" BSP/GPipeTorq oversizeStainless Steel
BW19895/8" BSP x 28.0mm PipeTorq2830Hexagon5/8" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW24053/4" BSP x 12mm PipeTorq1231.75Hexagon3/4" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW24023/4" BSP x 15mm PipeTorq1531.75Hexagon3/4" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW25453/4" BSP x 20.3mm PipeTorq20.331.75Hexagon3/4" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW25193/4" BSP x 25mm PipeTorq2531.75Hexagon3/4" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW44293/4" BSP x 28mm PipeTorq 3032831.75Hexagon3/4" BSP/GPipeTorqStainless Steel
BW17943/4" BSP x 28.6mm PipeTorq28.631.75Hexagon3/4" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW43153/4" BSP x 20mm PipeTorq oversize no center2036Hexagon3/4" BSP/GPipeTorq oversizeBrass
BW45153/4" BSP x 39.1mm PipeTorq oversize No Center39.138Hexagon3/4" BSP/GPipeTorq oversizeBrass
BW19907/8" BSP x 28.0mm PipeTorq2835Hexagon7/8" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW50191" BSP x 20mm o-ring port thru2038.1Hexagon1" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW28381" BSP x 20mm PipeTorq2038.1Hexagon1" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW16241" BSP x 28.6mm PipeTorq28.638.1Hexagon1" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW40381" BSP x 28.6mm PipeTorq 30328.637.59Hexagon1" BSP/GPipeTorqStainless Steel
BW41171" BSP x 7mm Custom moldin thru736Hexagon1" BSP/GPipeTorq oversizeBrass
BW17351" BSP x 10mm PipeTorq oversize1045.64Hexagon1" BSP/GPipeTorq oversizeBrass
BW44081 1/4" BSP x 7mm PipeTorq747.63Hexagon1 1/4" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW16331 1/4" BSP x 28.6mm PipeTorq28.647.63Hexagon1 1/4" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW44091 1/2" BSP x 7mm PipeTorq753.98Hexagon1 1/2" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW44401 1/2" BSP x 20mm PipeTorq2053.98Hexagon1 1/2" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW16341 1/2" BSP x 28.6mm PipeTorq28.653.98Hexagon1 1/2" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW44392" BSP x 20mm PipeTorq2066.67Hexagon2" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass
BW16272" BSP x 28.6mm PipeTorq28.666.67Hexagon2" BSP/GPipeTorqBrass

All dimensions in mm, L is insert overall length and A is hexagon or square across flats.

American thread PipeTorq range

BW42791/8" NPT x 6mm PipeTorq 303615.88Hexagon1/8" NPTPipeTorqStainless Steel
BW40471/8" NPT x 10mm PipeTorq1014Hexagon1/8" NPTPipeTorqBrass
BW37011/8" NPS x 20.3mm PipeTorq20.315.88Hexagon1/8" NPSPipeTorqBrass
BW45631/4" NPT x 9mm PipeTorq 303915.88Hexagon1/4" NPTPipeTorqStainless Steel
BW35101/4" NPT x 20.3mm PipeTorq20.319.05Hexagon1/4" NPTPipeTorqBrass
BW37021/4" NPS x 20.3mm PipeTorq20.317.46Hexagon1/4" NPSPipeTorqBrass
BW48271/4" NPTF x 15mm Custom mold in thru1525.4Square1/4" NPTPipeTorq oversizeBrass
BW28523/8" NPT x 6mm PipeTorq622.23Hexagon3/8" NPTPipeTorqBrass
BW35263/8" NPT x 12.7mm PipeTorq12.722.23Hexagon3/8" NPTPipeTorqBrass
BW40413/8" NPTF x 6mm PipeTorq 303622.23Hexagon3/8" NPTFPipeTorqStainless Steel
BW41003/8" NPS x 25.4mm PipeTorq22.23Hexagon3/8" NPSPipeTorqBrass
BW29491/2" NPT x 15mm PipeTorq1525.4Hexagon1/2" NPTPipeTorqBrass
BW35111/2" NPT x 28.6mm PipeTorq28.625.4Hexagon1/2" NPTPipeTorqBrass
BW35123/4" NPT x 28.6mm PipeTorq28.631.75Hexagon3/4" NPTPipeTorqBrass
BW35301" NPT x 21.6mm PipeTorq21.638.1Hexagon1" NPTPipeTorqBrass
BW35321 1/2" NPT x 21.6mm PipeTorq21.653.98Hexagon1 1/2" NPTPipeTorqBrass
BW35312" NPT x 21.6mm PipeTorq21.666.67Hexagon2" NPTPipeTorqBrass

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