Snapsert insert holders

Significant time saving are available by using Snap-serts in place of threaded holders. The sprung loaded ball retains the insert during molding and still allows the insert to pull off the holder when the mould is opened. Available in both single and double ball versions.

Manufactured from Stainless steel and supplied with stainless steel nut and washer.

The mounting thread is one thread size smaller than the holder size. So a snap-sert to hold an M5 insert will have an M4 male thread, and M12 snap-sert will be mounted with an M10 thread. Special variations to this can often be manufactured, please contact us.

PartDescriptionPrice (GBP)Order quantity
BW5645M5 Snapsert insert holder£ 4.99
BW5687M5 Double ball Snap-sert£ 6.99
BW5646M6 Snapsert insert holder£ 5.99
BW5688M6 Double ball Snap-sert£ 7.99
BW5647M8 Snapsert insert holder£ 5.99
BW5689M8 Double ball Snap-sert£ 7.99
BW5648M10 Snapsert insert holder£ 6.50
BW5690M10 Double ball Snap-sert£ 8.99
BW5691M12 Double ball Snap-sert short£ 10.65
BW5649M12 Double ball Snap-sert long£ 10.65
Snapsert insert holder Souble Snapsert

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