Stainless Steel Threaded Inserts

Stainless steel threaded inserts are often selected above brass threaded inserts where the application requires increased resistance to corrosion.

We manufacture stainless steel threaded inserts in both grades 303 and 316.

Here are some of the stainless threaded inserts that we have in stock. If you do not see the size you need, please contact us so that we can manufacture it for you.

stainless steel threaded inserts

Stainless Steel Threaded Inserts in Stock

BW42781/8" BSP x 6mm PipeTorq 303615.88Hexagon1/8" BSP/GPipeTorqStainless Steel
BW40251/8" BSP x 10mm PipeTorq 3031015.88Hexagon1/8" BSP/GPipeTorqStainless Steel
BW42801/4" BSP x 6mm PipeTorq 303617.46Hexagon1/4" BSP/GPipeTorqStainless Steel
BW16961/4" BSP x 9mm PipeTorq 303915.88Hexagon1/4" BSP/GPipeTorqStainless Steel
BW43773/8" BSP x 6mm PipeTorq 303622.23Hexagon3/8" BSP/GPipeTorqStainless Steel
BW44281/2" BSP x 28mm PipeTorq 3032825.4Hexagon1/2" BSP/GPipeTorqStainless Steel
BW21101/2" BSP x 19.8mm PipeTorq oversize 30319.828Hexagon1/2" BSP/GPipeTorq oversizeStainless Steel
BW44301/2" BSP x 16mm Custom mold in thru 3031625.4Hexagon1/2" BSP/GCustom mold inStainless Steel
BW44293/4" BSP x 28mm PipeTorq 3032831.75Hexagon3/4" BSP/GPipeTorqStainless Steel
BW40381" BSP x 28.6mm PipeTorq 30328.637.59Hexagon1" BSP/GPipeTorqStainless Steel
BW50634-40 UNC x 7mm Unigrip blind 30376Round4-40 UNCUnigripStainless Steel
BW46938-32 UNC x 8.35mm Unigrip thru 3038.356.35Round8-32 UNCUnigripStainless Steel
BW46968-32 UNC x 8.35mm screw fit thru 3038.356.35Round8-32 UNCPush and Heat fitStainless Steel
BW169510-32 UNF x 8mm SuperTorq thru 30387.94Hexagon10-32 UNFSuperTorqStainless Steel
BW469410-32 UNF x 9.5mm Unigrip thru 3039.56.35Round10-32 UNFUnigripStainless Steel
BW469710-32 UNF x 9.52mm Screwfit thru 3039.526.35Round10-32 UNFPush and Heat fitStainless Steel
BW50011/4"-28 UNF x 10mm hex fit thru 303108Hexagon1/4"-28 UNFPush and Heat fitStainless Steel
BW51101/2"-20 UNF x 16mm o-ring port thru 3031619.05Hexagon1/2"-20 UNFSuperTorqStainless Steel
BW48693/4"-16 UNF x 16mm o-ring port thru 3161625.4Hexagon3/4"-16 UNFSuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4918M3 x 7.3mm knurled blind 3036RoundM3Custom mold inStainless Steel
BW1596M4 x 9mm Torq blind 30395.5HexagonM4TorqStainless Steel
BW4657M4 x 16mm Torq blind 303166HexagonM4TorqStainless Steel
BW4417M4 x 10mm SuperTorq blind 303108HexagonM4SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW2550M4 x 8.4mm Unigrip thru 3038.46.35RoundM4UnigripStainless Steel
BW4042M5 x 6mm SuperTorq thru 30368HexagonM5SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4616M5 x 10mm SuperTorq blind 303108HexagonM5SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4538M5 x 10mm SuperTorq thru 303108HexagonM5SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4208M5 x 12mm SuperTorq blind 303128HexagonM5SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4617M5 x 15mm SuperTorq blind 303158HexagonM5SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW5053M5 x 19mm SuperTorq blind 303198HexagonM5SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW2746M5 x 6mm Unigrip Thru 3037.14RoundM5UnigripStainless Steel
BW4614M5 x 10mm SuperTorq thru dia end 303108HexagonM5Custom mold inStainless Steel
BW4103M5 x 5mm Headed push fit thru 30358RoundM5Push and Heat fitStainless Steel
BW4497M6 x 13mm Torq blind single groove 303139HexagonM6TorqStainless Steel
BW4081M6 x 15mm Torq blind 303158HexagonM6TorqStainless Steel
BW4577M6 x 10mm SuperTorq blind 3031010HexagonM6SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW2873M6 x 10mm SuperTorq thru 3031010HexagonM6SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4219M6 x 12.7mm SuperTorq thru 30312.710HexagonM6SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4598M6 x 15mm SuperTorq blind 3031510HexagonM6SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4944M6 x 15mm SuperTorq blind 3161510HexagonM6SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4599M6 x 19mm SuperTorq blind 3031910HexagonM6SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW2768M6 x 10mm SuperTorq Lite blind 303108SquareM6SuperTorq LiteStainless Steel
BW4090M6 x 12mm SuperTorq Lite blind 303128SquareM6SuperTorq LiteStainless Steel
BW2370M6 x 15mm SuperTorq Lite blind 303158SquareM6SuperTorq LiteStainless Steel
BW4961M6 x 4.95mm Unigrip thru 3034.959.53RoundM6UnigripStainless Steel
BW4633M6 x 9.85mm Unigrip thru 3039.859.53RoundM6UnigripStainless Steel
BW4905M6 x 17mm SuperTorq blind 14mm oversize 3031714HexagonM6SuperTorq oversizeStainless Steel
BW4922M6 x 17mm SuperTorq blind 12mm oversize 3031712HexagonM6SuperTorq oversizeStainless Steel
BW4639M6 x 14mm SuperTorq double blind 3031410HexagonM6Custom mold inStainless Steel
BW4359M6 x 17mm Custom mold in blind 3031714HexagonM6Custom mold inStainless Steel
BW2679M8 x 16mm Torq thru 3031610HexagonM8TorqStainless Steel
BW4376M8 x 6mm SuperTorq thru 303612HexagonM8SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4592M8 x 11.4mm SuperTorq blind 30311.412HexagonM8SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW2783M8 x 16mm SuperTorq blind 3031612HexagonM8SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4828M8 x 16mm SuperTorq Thru 3161612HexagonM8SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW2772M8 x 16mm SuperTorq thru 3031612HexagonM8SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW2865M8 x 19mm SuperTorq blind 3031912HexagonM8SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4901M8 x 22mm SuperTorq Thru 3032212HexagonM8SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4658M8 x 10 SuperTorq oversize thru 3031014HexagonM8SuperTorq oversizeStainless Steel
BW4892M8 x 17mm SuperTorq oversize blind 3031719.05HexagonM8SuperTorq oversizeStainless Steel
BW4863M8 x 20mm SuperTorq oversize blind 3162012.7HexagonM8SuperTorq oversizeStainless Steel
BW2743M10 x 19mm Torq blind 3031912HexagonM10TorqStainless Steel
BW4829M10 x 19mm SuperTorq Thru 3161914HexagonM10SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW2866M10 x 19mm SuperTorq blind 3031914HexagonM10SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW2876M10 x 19mm SuperTorq thru 3031914HexagonM10SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW2369M10 x 15mm SuperTorq Lite blind 3031512SquareM10SuperTorq LiteStainless Steel
BW4864M10 x 20mm SuperTorq oversize blind 3162017.46HexagonM10SuperTorq oversizeStainless Steel
BW4976M12 x 19mm Torq blind 3031914HexagonM12TorqStainless Steel
BW4855M12 x 30mm SuperTorq oversize thru 3033022HexagonM12SuperTorq oversizeStainless Steel
BW4026M12x1p x 10mm SuperTorq thru 3031015.88HexagonM12 x 1 pitchSuperTorqStainless Steel
BW42791/8" NPT x 6mm PipeTorq 303615.88Hexagon1/8" NPTPipeTorqStainless Steel
BW45631/4" NPT x 9mm PipeTorq 303915.88Hexagon1/4" NPTPipeTorqStainless Steel
BW40413/8" NPTF x 6mm PipeTorq 303622.23Hexagon3/8" NPTFPipeTorqStainless Steel
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