SuperTorq brass and stainless hex threaded inserts

Anchor's SuperTorq range are the original hexagonal grooved metal inserts for moulding in softer materials. With a hex size typically 4mm larger than the thread size, and deep grooves, the insert is designed to combine maximum strength with uniform heat gain.

Anchor's SuperTorq inserts have also found favour with moulders on difficult applications where standard knurled inserts just aren't up to the job.

SuperTorq blind Inserts with a thread size M6 and above feature an internal recess at the bottom of the thread giving an unbeatable depth of thread relative to the overall length.

Available as standard in brass with an extended range including mild and stainless steel variants, non standard lengths, and oversize inserts for more demanding applications.

Contact us if you can't find the insert you are looking for. We have many sizes not listed here with in house manufacturing we can offer fast turnaround on custom designs.

Brass threaded hexagonal insert

SuperTorq metric blind standard range

BW1646M3 x 6mm SuperTorq blind66HexagonM3SuperTorqBrass
BW1142M3 x 8.25mm SuperTorq blind FMA8.256.35HexagonM3SuperTorqAluminium
BW4996M3 x 8mm SuperTorq oversize blind88HexagonM3SuperTorq oversizeBrass
BW2301M3 x 20mm SuperTorq oversize blind2010HexagonM3SuperTorq oversizeBrass
BW2742M3.5 x 10mm SuperTorq oversize blind8HexagonM3.5SuperTorq oversizeBrass
BW1138M4 x 8.5mm SuperTorq blind8.57HexagonM4SuperTorqBrass
BW4298M4 x 10mm SuperTorq blind BZP107HexagonM4SuperTorqMild Steel
BW4417M4 x 10mm SuperTorq blind 303108HexagonM4SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW1825M4 x 10mm SuperTorq blind108HexagonM4SuperTorqBrass
BW2259M4 x 12mm SuperTorq blind127HexagonM4SuperTorqBrass
BW4580M4 x 10mm SuperTorq Lite oversize blind1010SquareM4SuperTorq oversizeBrass
BW4267M5 x 10mm SuperTorq blind BZP108HexagonM5SuperTorqMild Steel
BW4616M5 x 10mm SuperTorq blind 303108HexagonM5SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW1622M5 x 10mm SuperTorq blind108HexagonM5SuperTorqBrass
BW4208M5 x 12mm SuperTorq blind 303128HexagonM5SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4617M5 x 15mm SuperTorq blind 303158HexagonM5SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4207M5 x 15mm SuperTorq blind158HexagonM5SuperTorqBrass
BW2698M5 x 19mm SuperTorq blind198HexagonM5SuperTorqBrass
BW5053M5 x 19mm SuperTorq blind 303198HexagonM5SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4739M5 x 22.2mm SuperTorq blind22.228HexagonM5SuperTorqBrass
BW4511M5 x 12mm SuperTorq oversize blind BZP1210HexagonM5SuperTorq oversizeMild Steel
BW2710M5 x 16mm SuperTorq oversize blind1612HexagonM5SuperTorq oversizeBrass
BW4030M6 x 6mm SuperTorq blind610HexagonM6SuperTorqBrass
BW1202M6 x 10mm SuperTorq blind1010HexagonM6SuperTorqBrass
BW4577M6 x 10mm SuperTorq blind 3031010HexagonM6SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4598M6 x 15mm SuperTorq blind 3031510HexagonM6SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4944M6 x 15mm SuperTorq blind 3161510HexagonM6SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW1504M6 x 15mm SuperTorq blind1510HexagonM6SuperTorqBrass
BW4599M6 x 19mm SuperTorq blind 3031910HexagonM6SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW1367M6 x 19mm SuperTorq blind1910HexagonM6SuperTorqBrass
BW2518M6 x 25mm SuperTorq blind2510HexagonM6SuperTorqBrass
BW4576M6 x 13mm SuperTorq oversize blind12HexagonM6SuperTorq oversizeBrass
BW4905M6 x 17mm SuperTorq blind 14mm oversize 3031714HexagonM6SuperTorq oversizeStainless Steel
BW4922M6 x 17mm SuperTorq blind 12mm oversize 3031712HexagonM6SuperTorq oversizeStainless Steel
BW2608M8 x 12mm SuperTorq blind12HexagonM8SuperTorqBrass
BW4317M8 x 17mm o/l SuperTorq blind BZP12HexagonM8SuperTorqMild Steel
BW4011M8 x 10mm SuperTorq blind1012HexagonM8SuperTorqBrass
BW4592M8 x 11.4mm SuperTorq blind 30311.412HexagonM8SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4318M8 x 14mm SuperTorq blind BZP1412HexagonM8SuperTorqMild Steel
BW2260M8 x 15mm SuperTorq blind1512HexagonM8SuperTorqBrass
BW1452M8 x 16mm SuperTorq blind1612HexagonM8SuperTorqBrass
BW2783M8 x 16mm SuperTorq blind 3031612HexagonM8SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW1356M8 x 19mm SuperTorq blind1912HexagonM8SuperTorqBrass
BW2865M8 x 19mm SuperTorq blind 3031912HexagonM8SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW2396M8 x 25mm SuperTorq blind2512HexagonM8SuperTorqBrass
BW4273M8 x 22mm SuperTorq oversize blind16HexagonM8SuperTorq oversizeBrass
BW4324M8 x 13mm SuperTorq Oversize blind BZP17HexagonM8SuperTorq oversizeMild Steel
BW4512M8 x 15mm SuperTorq oversize blind BZP1517.46HexagonM8SuperTorq oversizeMild Steel
BW4892M8 x 17mm SuperTorq oversize blind 3031719.05HexagonM8SuperTorq oversizeStainless Steel
BW4863M8 x 20mm SuperTorq oversize blind 3162012.7HexagonM8SuperTorq oversizeStainless Steel
BW1355M10 x 16mm SuperTorq blind1614HexagonM10SuperTorqBrass
BW2866M10 x 19mm SuperTorq blind 3031914HexagonM10SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW1623M10 x 19mm SuperTorq blind1914HexagonM10SuperTorqBrass
BW1137M10 x 25mm SuperTorq blind2514HexagonM10SuperTorqBrass
BW1468M10 x 32mm SuperTorq blind3214HexagonM10SuperTorqBrass
BW2567M10 x 14mm SuperTorq oversize blind1417.46HexagonM10SuperTorq oversizeBrass
BW2643M10 x 19mm SuperTorq oversize blind1917.46HexagonM10SuperTorq oversizeBrass
BW4864M10 x 20mm SuperTorq oversize blind 3162017.46HexagonM10SuperTorq oversizeStainless Steel
BW1363M12 x 16mm SuperTorq blind1616HexagonM12SuperTorqBrass
BW1365M12 x 19mm SuperTorq blind1916HexagonM12SuperTorqBrass
BW1136M12 x 25mm SuperTorq blind2516HexagonM12SuperTorqBrass
BW1290M12 x 32 SuperTorq blind3216HexagonM12SuperTorqBrass
BW1996M14 x 19mm SuperTorq blind1918HexagonM14SuperTorqBrass
BW1134M16 x 25mm SuperTorq blind2520HexagonM16SuperTorqBrass

All dimensions in mm, L is insert overall length and A is hexagon across flats.

SuperTorq metric thru standard range

BW4056M3 x 10mm SuperTorq thru106HexagonM3SuperTorqBrass
BW2032M4 x 8.5mm SuperTorq thru8.57HexagonM4SuperTorqBrass
BW2026M4 x 10mm SuperTorq thru108HexagonM4SuperTorqBrass
BW4042M5 x 6mm SuperTorq thru 30368HexagonM5SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4538M5 x 10mm SuperTorq thru 303108HexagonM5SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW1833M5 x 10mm SuperTorq thru108HexagonM5SuperTorqBrass
BW4270M6 x 6mm SuperTorq thru610HexagonM6SuperTorqBrass
BW2873M6 x 10mm SuperTorq thru 3031010HexagonM6SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW1834M6 x 10mm SuperTorq thru1010HexagonM6SuperTorqBrass
BW4219M6 x 12.7mm SuperTorq thru 30312.710HexagonM6SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW2424M6 x 14.1mm SuperTorq thru14.110HexagonM6SuperTorqBrass
BW1843M6 x 15mm SuperTorq thru1510HexagonM6SuperTorqBrass
BW2983M6 x 18mm SuperTorq thru1810HexagonM6SuperTorqBrass
BW4376M8 x 6mm SuperTorq thru 303612HexagonM8SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4022M8 x 12mm SuperTorq thru1212HexagonM8SuperTorqBrass
BW1836M8 x 16mm SuperTorq thru1612HexagonM8SuperTorqBrass
BW4828M8 x 16mm SuperTorq Thru 3161612HexagonM8SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW2772M8 x 16mm SuperTorq thru 3031612HexagonM8SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW1806M8 x 19mm SuperTorq thru1912HexagonM8SuperTorqBrass
BW4901M8 x 22mm SuperTorq Thru 3032212HexagonM8SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW2568M8 x 8mm SuperTorq oversize thru817.46HexagonM8SuperTorq oversizeBrass
BW4658M8 x 10 SuperTorq oversize thru 3031014HexagonM8SuperTorq oversizeStainless Steel
BW1837M10 x 16mm SuperTorq thru1614HexagonM10SuperTorqBrass
BW2876M10 x 19mm SuperTorq thru 3031914HexagonM10SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW1838M10 x 19mm SuperTorq thru1914HexagonM10SuperTorqBrass
BW4829M10 x 19mm SuperTorq Thru 3161914HexagonM10SuperTorqStainless Steel
BW1839M12 x 16mm SuperTorq thru1616HexagonM12SuperTorqBrass
BW1840M12 x 19mm SuperTorq thru1916HexagonM12SuperTorqBrass
BW4855M12 x 30mm SuperTorq oversize thru 3033022HexagonM12SuperTorq oversizeStainless Steel
BW1114M14 x 25mm SuperTorq thru2518HexagonM14SuperTorqBrass
BW4343M16 x 18mm SuperTorq oversize thru2828.57HexagonM16SuperTorq oversizeBrass

SuperTorq US standard range

BW23958-32 UNC x 25mm SuperTorq blind328Hexagon8-32 UNCSuperTorqBrass
BW352310-24 UNC x 11.1mm SuperTorq blind11.18Hexagon10-24 UNCSuperTorqBrass
BW320410-24 UNC x 12.7mm SuperTorq thru12.78Hexagon10-24 UNCSuperTorqBrass
BW30131/4"-20 UNC x 9.5mm SuperTorq blind9.510Hexagon1/4"-20 UNCSuperTorqBrass
BW30141/4"-20 UNC x 15mm SuperTorq blind1510Hexagon1/4"-20 UNCSuperTorqBrass
BW30151/4"-20 UNC x 19mm SuperTorq blind1910Hexagon1/4"-20 UNCSuperTorqBrass
BW36225/16"-18 UNC x 12.7mm SuperTorq thru12.710Hexagon5/16"-18 UNCSuperTorqBrass
BW30235/16"-18 UNC x 15.9mm SuperTorq blind15.912Hexagon5/16"-18 UNCSuperTorqBrass
BW30245/16"-18 UNC x 19mm SuperTorq blind1912Hexagon5/16"-18 UNCSuperTorqBrass
BW30255/16"-18 UNC x 25.4mm SuperTorq blind25.412Hexagon5/16"-18 UNCSuperTorqBrass
BW169510-32 UNF x 8mm SuperTorq thru 30387.94Hexagon10-32 UNFSuperTorqStainless Steel
BW306510-32 UNF x 9.5mm SuperTorq thru9.58Hexagon10-32 UNFSuperTorqBrass
BW300710-32 UNF x 9.5mm SuperTorq blind9.57.94Hexagon10-32 UNFSuperTorqBrass
BW14263/8"-24 UNF x 25.4mm SuperTorq blind YZP25.414.29Hexagon3/8"-24 UNFSuperTorqMild Steel
BW51101/2"-20 UNF x 16mm o-ring port thru 3031619.05Hexagon1/2"-20 UNFSuperTorqStainless Steel
BW40849/16"-18 UNF x 20.3mm SuperTorq thru20.318Hexagon9/16"-18 UNFSuperTorqBrass
BW48693/4"-16 UNF x 16mm o-ring port thru 3161625.4Hexagon3/4"-16 UNFSuperTorqStainless Steel
BW45597/8"-14 UNF x 20mm SuperTorq thru2027Hexagon7/8"-14 UNFSuperTorqBrass
BW42751 1/16"-12 UNF x 20mm SuperTorq thru2031.75Hexagon1 1/16"-12 UNFSuperTorqBrass

SuperTorq others standard range

BW4099M12x1.25p x 16mm SuperTorq thru1616HexagonM12 x 1.25 pitchSuperTorqBrass
BW4026M12x1p x 10mm SuperTorq thru 3031015.88HexagonM12 x 1 pitchSuperTorqStainless Steel
BW4285M12x1p x 16mm SuperTorq thru1616HexagonM12 x 1 pitchSuperTorqBrass
BW4487M14x1.5p x 16mm SuperTorq Thru1617.46HexagonM14 x 1.5 pitchSuperTorqBrass
BW2887M20x1.5p x 15mm SuperTorq oversize thru1525.4HexagonM20 x 1.5 pitchSuperTorq oversizeBrass
BW4641M30x2p x 27mm SuperTorq2738.1HexagonM30 x 2 pitchSuperTorqAluminium
BW4312M32x1.5p x 12mm SuperTorq oversize thru1243HexagonM32 x 1.5 pitchSuperTorq oversizeBrass
BW24611/4" BSW x 15mm SuperTorq blind1510Hexagon1/4" BSWSuperTorqBrass

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