SuperTorqLite brass square threaded inserts

Anchorís SuperTorqLite range are the original square grooved metal inserts for moulding in softer materials. Of the Anchor Inserts standard range they give the greatest degree of torque resistance combined with excellent pull-out resistance.

Characterized by deep grooves and a sqr section typically 2mm larger than the thread size, this light-weight insert has been designed to combine maximum torque resistance with uniform heat gain.

SuperTorqLite blind inserts with a thread size M6 and above feature an internal recess at the bottom of the thread giving an unbeatable depth of thread relative to the overall length.

Available as standard in brass with an extended range including mild and stainless steel variants, non standard lengths, and oversize inserts for more demanding applications.

Contact us if you can't find the insert you are looking for. We have many sizes not listed here with in house manufacturing we can offer fast turnaround on custom designs.

Brass threaded square insert

SuperTorqLite metric blind standard range

BW1795M4 x 8.5mm SuperTorq Lite blind8.56.35SquareM4SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1982M4 x 10mm SuperTorq Lite blind106.35SquareM4SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW4106M4 x 16mm SuperTorq Lite blind166SquareM4SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW4356M4 x 19mm SuperTorq Lite oversize blind1910SquareM4SuperTorq Lite oversizeBrass
BW2208M5 x 6mm SuperTorq Lite blind68SquareM5SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1796M5 x 10mm SuperTorq Lite blind107SquareM5SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW2009M5 x 15mm SuperTorq Lite blind158SquareM5SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW2894M5 x 17mm SuperTorq Lite blind178SquareM5SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW4575M5 x 12.25mm SuperTorq Lite oversize blind10SquareM5SuperTorq Lite oversizeBrass
BW4228M5 x 10mm SuperToq Lite oversize blind1010SquareM5SuperTorq Lite oversizeBrass
BW2768M6 x 10mm SuperTorq Lite blind 303108SquareM6SuperTorq LiteStainless Steel
BW2025M6 x 10mm SuperTorq Lite blind108SquareM6SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW4090M6 x 12mm SuperTorq Lite blind 303128SquareM6SuperTorq LiteStainless Steel
BW2370M6 x 15mm SuperTorq Lite blind 303158SquareM6SuperTorq LiteStainless Steel
BW1721M6 x 15mm SuperTorq Lite blind158SquareM6SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1110M6 x 19mm SuperTorq Lite blind198SquareM6SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW2911M8 x 13.5mm SuperTorqLite blind10SquareM8SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1797M8 x 16mm SuperTorq Lite blind1610SquareM8SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1720M8 x 19mm SuperTorq Lite blind1910SquareM8SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1109M8 x 25mm SuperTorq Lite blind2510SquareM8SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW2765M8 x 19mm SuperTorq Lite oversize blind1911.11SquareM8SuperTorq Lite oversizeBrass
BW2206M8 x 27mm SuperTorq Lite oversize blind2711.11SquareM8SuperTorq Lite oversizeBrass
BW2369M10 x 15mm SuperTorq Lite blind 3031512SquareM10SuperTorq LiteStainless Steel
BW1798M10 x 16mm SuperTorq Lite blind1612.7SquareM10SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1799M10 x 19mm SuperTorq Lite blind1912.7SquareM10SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1108M10 x 25mm SuperTorq Lite blind2512.7SquareM10SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW4137M10 x 16mm SuperTorq Lite oversize blind1619.05SquareM10SuperTorq Lite oversizeBrass
BW4516M10 x 30mm SuperToq Lite oversize blind3019.05SquareM10SuperTorq Lite oversizeBrass
BW1800M12 x 16mm SuperTorq Lite blind1614SquareM12SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1801M12 x 19mm SuperTorq Lite blind1914SquareM12SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1107M12 x 25mm SuperTorq Lite blind2514SquareM12SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1994M14 x 19mm SuperTorq Lite blind1916SquareM14SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW2416M16 x 25mm SuperTorq Lite blind2518SquareM16SuperTorq LiteBrass

All dimensions in mm, L is insert overall length and A is sqr across flats.

SuperTorqLite metric thru standard range

BW1841M4 x 8.5mm SuperTorq Lite thru8.56.35SquareM4SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1842M5 x 10mm SuperTorq Lite thru107SquareM5SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW4394M5 x 13mm SuperTorq Lite thru137SquareM5SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW4320M5 x 16mm SuperTorq Lite thru168SquareM5SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW2027M6 x 10mm SuperTorq Lite thru108SquareM6SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1835M6 x 15mm SuperTorq Lite thru158SquareM6SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW4281M8 x 10mm SuperTorq Lite thru1010SquareM8SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1844M8 x 16mm SuperTorq Lite thru1610SquareM8SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1845M8 x 19mm SuperTorq Lite thru1910SquareM8SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW2505M8 x 19mm SuperTorqLite oversize thru12.7SquareM8SuperTorq Lite oversizeBrass
BW2622M8 x 25mm SuperTorq lite oversize thru2512.7SquareM8SuperTorq Lite oversizeBrass
BW1846M10 x 16mm SuperTorq Lite thru1612.7SquareM10SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1847M10 x 19mm SuperTorq Lite thru1912.7SquareM10SuperTorq LiteBrass
BW1111M16 x 25mm SuperTorq Lite thru2519.05SquareM16SuperTorq LiteBrass

SuperTorqLite US standard range

BW30741/4"-20 UNC x 9.5mm SuperTorq Lite thru9.58Square1/4"-20 UNCSuperTorq LiteBrass
BW30161/4"-20 UNC x 9.5mm SuperTorq Lite blind9.58Square1/4"-20 UNCSuperTorq LiteBrass
BW30171/4"-20 UNC x 15mm SuperTorq Lite blind158Square1/4"-20 UNCSuperTorq LiteBrass
BW30181/4"-20 UNC x 19mm SuperTorq Lite blind198Square1/4"-20 UNCSuperTorq LiteBrass
BW30845/16"-18 UNC x 15.9mm SuperTorq Lite thru15.910Square5/16"-18 UNCSuperTorq LiteBrass
BW30275/16"-18 UNC x 19mm SuperTorq Lite blind1910Square5/16"-18 UNCSuperTorq LiteBrass
BW30363/8"-16 UNC x 15.9mm SuperTorq Lite blind15.912Square3/8"-16 UNCSuperTorq LiteBrass
BW30373/8"-16 UNC x 19mm SuperTorq Lite blind1912.7Square3/8"-16 UNCSuperTorq LiteBrass

SuperTorqLite others standard range

BW4353M16x1.5p x 10mm SuperTorq Lite oversize thru1025.4SquareM16 x 1.5 pitchSuperTorq Lite oversizeBrass

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