Torq brass and stainless hex threaded inserts

Anchorís Torq range are economically priced hexagonal grooved metal inserts. Torq inserts are a good alternative for molders experiencing problems with standard round knurled inserts spinning during assembly or during use.

For Torq inserts the hex size is typically 2mm larger across flats than the thread size, e.g. an M6 Torq insert will have an 8mm across flats hexagon.

Torq blind inserts with a thread size M6 and above feature an internal recess at the bottom of the thread giving an unbeatable depth of thread relative to the overall length.

Available as standard in brass with an extended range including stainless steel variants and non standard lengths.

Contact us if you can't find the insert you are looking for. We have many sizes not listed here and with in house manufacturing offer fast turnaround on custom designs.

Brass threaded hex insert

Torq blind metric standard range

BW2001M3 x 6mm Torq blind64HexagonM3TorqBrass
BW1464M3 x 8.5mm Torq blind8.54HexagonM3TorqBrass
BW2000M3.5 x 6mm Torq blind65HexagonM3.5TorqBrass
BW1747M4 x 5mm Torq blind56HexagonM4TorqBrass
BW4540M4 x 6.1mm Torq blind6.15.5HexagonM4TorqBrass
BW1466M4 x 8.5mm Torq blind8.56HexagonM4TorqBrass
BW1596M4 x 9mm Torq blind 30395.5HexagonM4TorqStainless Steel
BW4657M4 x 16mm Torq blind 303166HexagonM4TorqStainless Steel
BW4622M4 x 20mm Torq blind206HexagonM4TorqBrass
BW2198M5 x 6mm Torq blind67HexagonM5TorqBrass
BW4416M5 x 8.5mm Torq blind8.57HexagonM5TorqBrass
BW1855M5 x 10mm Torq blind107HexagonM5TorqBrass
BW5058M5 x 18mm Fishtail Torq blind187HexagonM5TorqBrass
BW2688M6 x 9.5mm Torq blind9.58HexagonM6TorqBrass
BW2002M6 x 10mm Torq blind108HexagonM6TorqBrass
BW4497M6 x 13mm Torq blind single groove 303139HexagonM6TorqStainless Steel
BW4081M6 x 15mm Torq blind 303158HexagonM6TorqStainless Steel
BW1472M6 x 15mm Torq blind158HexagonM6TorqBrass
BW1161M6 x 19mm Torq blind198HexagonM6TorqBrass
BW1802M8 x 16mm Torq blind1610HexagonM8TorqBrass
BW1057M8 x 19mm Torq blind1910HexagonM8TorqBrass
BW2356M8 x 25mm Torq blind2510HexagonM8TorqBrass
BW1803M10 x 16mm Torq blind1612HexagonM10TorqBrass
BW2743M10 x 19mm Torq blind 3031912HexagonM10TorqStainless Steel
BW1074M10 x 19mm Torq blind1912HexagonM10TorqBrass
BW1102M10 x 25mm Torq blind2512HexagonM10TorqBrass
BW1804M12 x 16mm Torq blind1614HexagonM12TorqBrass
BW1805M12 x 19mm Torq blind1914HexagonM12TorqBrass
BW4976M12 x 19mm Torq blind 3031914HexagonM12TorqStainless Steel
BW1779M12 x 25mm Torq blind2514HexagonM12TorqBrass
BW1467M12 x 32mm Torq blind3214HexagonM12TorqBrass
BW1701M16 x 25mm Torq blind2518HexagonM16TorqBrass

All dimensions in mm, L is insert overall length and A is hexagon across flats.

Torq thru metric standard range

BW2004M3 x 6mm Torq thru64HexagonM3TorqBrass
BW4908M3 x 7mm Torq thru74HexagonM3TorqBrass
BW2646M3 x 8mm Torq thru84HexagonM3TorqBrass
BW2401M4 x 6.5mm Torq thru6.56HexagonM4TorqBrass
BW1807M4 x 8.5mm Torq thru8.56HexagonM4TorqBrass
BW4970M4 x 29.5mm Torq Thru29.56.35HexagonM4TorqBrass
BW2472M5 x 6.5mm Torq thru7HexagonM5TorqBrass
BW1808M5 x 10mm Torq thru107HexagonM5TorqBrass
BW1809M6 x 10mm Torq thru108HexagonM6TorqBrass
BW1810M6 x 15mm Torq thru158HexagonM6TorqBrass
BW4990M8 x 11mm Torq thru1110HexagonM8TorqBrass
BW2679M8 x 16mm Torq thru 3031610HexagonM8TorqStainless Steel
BW1811M8 x 16mm Torq thru1610HexagonM8TorqBrass
BW1812M8 x 19mm Torq thru1910HexagonM8TorqBrass
BW2415M10 x 12mm Torq Thru12HexagonM10TorqBrass
BW1750M10 x 16mm Torq thru1612HexagonM10TorqBrass
BW1814M10 x 19mm Torq thru1912HexagonM10TorqBrass
BW2005M12 x 16mm Torq thru1614HexagonM12TorqBrass
BW2006M12 x 19mm Torq thru1914HexagonM12TorqBrass
BW4530M16 x 22mm Torq thru2218HexagonM16TorqBrass

Torq US standard range

BW30101/4"-20 UNC x 9.5mm Torq blind9.58Hexagon1/4"-20 UNCTorqBrass
BW30111/4"-20 UNC x 15mm Torq blind158Hexagon1/4"-20 UNCTorqBrass
BW30205/16"-18 UNC x 15.9mm Torq blind15.910Hexagon5/16"-18 UNCTorqBrass
BW30215/16"-18 UNC x 19mm Torq blind1910Hexagon5/16"-18 UNCTorqBrass
BW30323/8"-16 UNC x 25.4mm Torq blind25.412Hexagon3/8"-16 UNCTorqBrass
BW30411/2"-13 UNC x 19mm Torq blind1914.29Hexagon1/2"-13 UNCTorqBrass
BW30421/2"-13 UNC x 25.4mm Torq blind25.414.29Hexagon1/2"-13 UNCTorqBrass
BW300610-32 UNF x 9.5mm Torq blind9.56Hexagon10-32 UNFTorqBrass

Torq others standard range

BW24602BA x 10mm Torq blind7Hexagon2BATorqBrass
BW24434BA x 6.35mm Torq blind6.355Hexagon4BATorqBrass
BW4581M13x1p x 15mm Torq blind1515.24HexagonM13 x 1 pitchTorqBrass
BW2585M16x1.5p x 10mm Torq thru1018HexagonM16 x 1.5 pitchTorqBrass

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