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Leading manufacturer Anchor Inserts is pleased to announce its new suite of SeptaTorq and SeptaHead threaded inserts which line up as part of its comprehensive product offering.

Anchor Inserts represents the world's finest solid brass and stainless steel inserts. A diverse yet highly useful range of inserts that combine metric and imperial threads with deep grooves and hexagon & square profiles, offering customers elegant form and superior function. Established favourite brands include the round knurled UniGrip, hexagon Torq and SuperTorq and the square profile SuperTorq Lite. The new SeptaTorq and SeptaHead inserts incorporate a revolutionary multi-lobed profile in a broad range of sizes.

Each product is manufactured here in Coventry from 100% brass, 303, or 316 stainless steel, that is turned, threaded, grooved and quality controlled by the company's skilled engineers. Customers also benefit from extensive product knowledge and technical support that includes assistance with project scheduling.

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